• by Fagioli Group
  • June 04, 2024

Work In Progress : SPMT European Transport Operator Licence

Fagioli is proud to be an ESTA supporter, the leading European association for the abnormal road transport and mobile crane rental industry.

During the last years, the ESTA association has gathered several European national association and private companies to discuss about the heavy transport and lifting activity rules which differ from each country and jointly cooperate in a strict and parallel connection to European Community to create a unique and efficient system.

Esta, as reported on its website, has received “exceptionally strong support” from its members and the heavy transport market for its on-going work to improve safety during the use of SPMTs and establish an internationally accepted training qualification for operators.

ESTA is also progressing plans to develop SPMT operator training through the launch of ETOL – the European Transport Operators Licence – using the structures developed for the European Crane Operators Licence.

Please check out the two of the last publications:

- “ ESTA Guideline for the use of Modular Hydraulically Suspended Trailers – Transport stability”

- “Best practice guide for Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT)”.