Fagioli with its vast range of equipment and engineering capabilities are often called upon to perform civil activities. Fagioli has a long track record in bridge construction, erection of bridge sections, side spans and centre spans, incremental launching of bridges and slide-in of complete prefabricated bridges, installation of roofs (lifting and lowering), stadium roofs with cable net systems, lifting of floor composite slab sections ….with one of the largest fleets of strands jacks and tower lift systems.

Over the last few years Fagioli have carried out the positioning and installation of civil structures such as roofs, bridges, walkway bridge sections, air traffic tower control…. using also SPMT’s. The key aspect of this kind of activity is engineering, coordination and precision.

The engineering calculations are a fundamental aspect of this kind of job due to the fact that the positioning of the civil structures must be performed with great  precision, thanks also to the flexibility and high capacity of the equipment used.


Bridge and roof Construction:
Launching of bridge sections;
The sliding-in of completely prefabricated bridges;

Lifting and lowering of complete roofs and slabs  

Marine Works:
Transport and installation of mobile barriers for huge marine civil works such as the Mose in Venice 
Civil Buildings:
Transport of historical buildings such as Medieval churches, Roman and Etruscan tombs
Transport of building sections