Heavy Industries

Fagioli operational activity includes the heavy transport and lifting services for the heavy industry, shipbuilding and mining sectors . Fagioli work on a worldwide basis for the removal and/or repositioning as well as shipment of heavy industry machinery such as complete blast furnace sections, harbor cranes, satellites. Fagioli are often called on to provide dedicated equipment and personnel for the installation and relocation of heavy presses for the automotive industry.


Door-to-door relocation, and commissioning of port cranes including installation and assembly of heavy sections by means of the most effective heavy equipment on the market. Fagioli issues also ballasting -lashing - securing - sea fastening procedures executed in-house by Fagioli engineering department. Fagioli provides also barges and tugboats for river and sea transport activities as well as a chartering service of dedicated ships. Port agency duties are available, on request, in order to provide insurances and related documentation.


Fagioli specializes in heavy transportation for the shipbuilding industry involving the transportation of boat sections and entire ferry boats, as well as performing the launching of ships. Ship building regularly uses pre-assembled sections, so entire huge multi-deck segments of the whole structure are often built elsewhere in the yard and transported to the building dock or slipway and are connected into place or in floating docks, ready for launch. This so called "block construction" often divides the ship in two sections (bow and stern) these are then connected with extraordinary precision (jumboization process).


Heavy road transport and project departments are called for the transport and shipment of satellite modules whilst the heavy haulage and lifting department is taking care of associated components assembly of rockets (Space X) thanks to high capacity crawler cranes and SPMTs.


Fagioli has a dedicated department for the recovering of wrecks after accidents occurred at sea. Fagioli boasts a long record track of marine activity which includes the recover / towing  and re?oating of vessels, or the repair or substitution of ship sections, such as thruster changeout. Fagioli was involved in the Concordia Wreck Removal project, an enterprise never before performed requiring the rotation, refloating and towing operations of a 300 meters long, 114,000 ton weight, cruise vessel.


Fagioli is sometimes called to perform transport and installation operations for the mining industry. Fagioli vast range of equipment is the suitable solution for the transport of these components which are often located in remote areas. SPMTs, gantry systems as well as cranes and strand jacking systems are mainly used to perform this kind of activity which requires a deep pre-planning study and a high level of logistics know-how

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