Fagioli operational activity includes the heavy transport and lifting services for the heavy industry, and automotive . Fagioli work on a worldwide basis for the removal and/or repositioning of heavy industry machinery such as complete blast furnace sections, and carbon discharger cranes, portainer ship-to-shore cranes. Fagioli are often called on to provide dedicated equipment and personnel for the installation and relocation of heavy presses for the automotive industry.

Fagioli specialise in heavy transportation for the shipyard industry involving the transportation of boat sections and entire ferry boats, as well as performing the launching of ships. This kind of activity emphasizes the competence of Fagioli engineering and our capabilities in terms of equipment and know-how.

Ship building regularly uses pre-assembled sections, so entire huge multi-deck segments of the whole structure are often built elsewhere in the yard and transported to the building dock or slipway and are connected into place or in floating docks, ready for launch. This so called "block construction" often divides the ship in two sections (bow and stern) these are then connected with extraordinary precision. The vessels are preinstalled with equipment, pipes, electrical cables, and other components within the blocks.