Fagioli specializes in heavy lifting no matter what size involved, being able to meet customer requirements, for the hoisting and installation activity of modules and items with weights up to thousands of tons.

Fagioli owns a vast fleet of lifting equipment including between the others, strand jacks (ranging from 15 to 750 ton capacity) and tower lift system, crawler cranes (with capacity up to 1350 ton), skidding system with capacity up to 64,000 to, elevator system (20,000 ton capacity), jack-up system with capacity up to 25,000 ton, gantry lifting system (800 ton capacity each), screw jacks system  and auxiliary cranes to be used as a support to the main equipment above mentioned.

Fagioli lifting equipment can cover any kind of hoisting operations in the main construction industry: petrochemical, power, off-shore, civil, shipyard, heavy industry. This technologically advanced equipment is utilized by long-standing experienced operators and heavy lift supervisors with the support of the engineering department who studies the best rigging solution to guarantee a safety operation.
The strand jacking and tower lift system is appropriate for the lifting and final installations of vessels and items weighing several thousands of tons, useful in off-shore, power and petrochemical plants. Crawler cranes are utilized in plants, refinery and sites where you need a movable gear able to perform several erections as well as being able to travel fully loaded following the high standards safety requirements given by wheeled counterweights and on-board computerized control system. The skidding and elevator system shows an impressive skidding and lifting capacity supported by some sophisticated and state-of-the-art components (such as skid shoes, each with 1000 ton capacity). Screw jacks and gantry lifting system are suitable to operate in restricted areas and warehouses for the installation of turbines, boilers, generators, transformers. In order to provide a complete door-to-door service the Heavy Lifting department works in cooperation with the Heavy Transport and the Engineering division!