River and Maritime


The company currently owns river pusher boats and river barges. Through the searching for new options to optimize river transport and the study of new measures to guarantee total safety for the environment and for cargo, it has become the main protagonist of Italian river traffic. The Company is perfectly equipped to carry out the river transport of goods with different types and has widely diversified its activity, also through the increase of means and equipment in the continuous effort to improve the service and to study new solutions to solve the different needs of our customers. As for example the hydraulic cranes and the storage areas owned by the group at the river port of Cremona and Mantua. The main sectors of activity are the transport of:
- chemical and oil products, bulk dry products and heavy items.
Fagioli owns dedicated areas at the river ports of Cremona and Mantua provided with:
- Gantry lifting systems ( up to 400 ton capacity) for the loading and unloading operations of heavy items directly onto the barges.
- Private berths with enough areas for material handling, logistics and storage activity.
- Heavy Rail Transport facility in Cremona river port with group-owned Heavy Rail Cars for the direct transhipment onto the barges.
Fagioli owns and operates also with ocean barges.


Starting from the 90’ offshore lifting experience and more recent development of Heavy Lifting technology Fagioli realized the Catamaran: a floating modular portal (gantry) designed for the INSTALLATION A/O REMOVAL of jackets, topsides, plinths, modules and medium size offshore structures. It can be equipped by computer controlled 4 or more strand jack up to 1000t/each and link plate system for the connection to the lifting trunnion of the items to be lifted. The catamaran is relocated by means of tug boats and it can be moored by mooring lines connected with deadweight’s or fixed bollards. This modular solution enhances the possibility of different configurations (span and height) according to clients’ needs and requirements.


Here a list of a large series of Fagioli equipment for the river and maritime activity