Heavy Transport


Self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT) are multi-axle trailers designed for the transportation of large and heavy cargoes. The SPMT are designed in modular construction and can be coupled side to side and end to end, or remote units can be operated as a single transporter via radio controls. Connected to the end of the SPMT is a power pack unit, which provides hydraulic power to the various functions of the SPMT. Fagioli owns SPMT with capacity up to 60 ton for each axle lines. The steering of the SPMT offers major advantages over other forms of conventional hydraulic trailers. This offers total flexibility of steering options with each wheel bogie able to swing through 260° (+130°). The position of each wheel is controlled electronically through the remote operations console and nine steering programs are available.
SPMT are sometimes assembled with connecting beams to raise safety and capacity and in some cases, the trailers are used as weighing system for heavy loads modules and items

Fagioli is proprietary of a system for the connection of SPMT of different manufacturers trailers to perfectly respond to the instruction inputs provided by one remote control.


Due to the continuous request of trailers for the heavy haulage operations Fagioli can provide a vast fleet of state-of the-art modular equipment dedicated to the heavy transport of over dimensional cargoes, mainly on public roads. The modular trailers are exceptionally flexible and adaptable to any exceeding load to be used in any areas of application either on normal roads and in sites with restricted and uneven grounds. Fagioli is proprietary of different kind of modular axle lines: 3 – 4 - 5 and 6 axles which could be indifferently coupled.
Long coupled modular trailers have also the possibility to be fitted with two drawbars allowing the convoy to face bends proceeding the opposite way.
The modular trailers could be connected with a gooseneck section transforming the trailer into a semi-trailer. This operation allows a better weight distribution (also onto tractor axle line), as a result, a bigger load transport weight is approved by road owners Authorities.
According to the height and/or weight of the item to be transported, Fagioli can provide girder beams to connect the trailers. In particular the beams are chosen according to the weight of the item. Between the vast range of beams, Fagioli owns the “Schnabel system” specifically used for heavy rail transports. For detailed surveys Fagioli operates with a Scanfly Camera system and always operates with a movable container workshop for prompt interventions.

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Fagioli is proprietary of special wagons for heavy rail transports. 
This vast range of equipment consists of railcars (with capacity up to 500 ton) and with different axles up to 32 axle lines. There are lots of possible configurations that can be arranged with the help of auxiliary equipment such as Schnabel structures.

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