Fagioli have  a deep acknowledge of the market situation regarding the Shipping Lines who runs Liner services   offering both conventional and containers services and the chartering of conventional or heavy lift specialized vessels   with  a dedicated staff of technicians who directly provide all necessary to contact Owners or Brokers in order to identify the reliable solutions and arrange all necessary steps for a full charter  or a part cargo.

The choice of the best solutions is of course firstly related to the characteristics of the cargo that is the main point to be established for a correct research of the suitable ship.

Fagioli  employs only reputable carriers that have good sound vessels of not more than 20 years old in established Liner Services who offer services, transit time and frequency of service that compliments the Project requirements and have a history of satisfactory performance.

 The nature of the cargo is unique for each voyage; for this reason all cargo operations require close attention to ensure the proper execution of the voyage.

Chartering a vessel is a costly undertaking and plenty of pre-planning and technical evaluation should take place before any commitment is made. Fagioli has recognized the importance and intricacy of Vessel Chartering and all related issues and activities and for this purpose operate designated Chartering Departments in our Milan Office