The Fagioli Group is specialist in the transportation of relief cargo to destinations throughout the world.
The company can call on many years experience in commercial shipping to provide expert advice on all aspects of aid forwarding and emergency service
This experience combined with the fact that we own and operate our own trailers and equipment makes us almost unique in our understanding and ability to provide the very best service, giving us the opportunity to become registered suppliers of International Humanitarian Organisation
In order to realise the cost effectiveness in the procurement and delivery of Aid & Relief Shipments and Emergency services, Fagioli has established a specialised unit to support government and non-governmental organisations in the field of humanitarian aid.
Fagioli has wide experience in national operations where we have given our equipment and personnel to relief agencies after national natural disasters. For International operations and when called , we make all of the necessary security arrangements for police or military escorts.

Moreover Fagioli provides
• emergency services at major Italian airports
• fleet of vehicles solely devoted for emergency and disaster relief operations
• dedicated personnel to remain on call to instantly respond to any emergency situation
• vehicles with the highness state of readiness to allow immediate transit across international border