The weighing operations can be executed by means of Fagioli load cell system, that is composed by hydraulic jacks with load cells and an integrated diesel hydraulic power pack unit, press for load cells calibration, an ISO 20' containers including a site office, computer, printer. 

Load cells system range: 100 - 200 - 300 - 500 -600 tons. Operator can decide the most suitable load cell to be used for the lifting / weighing operation. The accuracy, considering maximum stroke and maximum load, is 0,5% +. Lifting and weighing capacity is up to 12,000 ton

Pressure Gauges Weighing System with SPMTs and Skid Shoes

Fagioli calibrated digital pressure gauges installed onto SPMTs and Skid Shoes are used to perform

accurate weighing operations of heavy items as well as calculating their centre of gravity.
The heavy Items/ modules being transported by Fagioli SPMTs and skidded with Fagioli “Skid Shoes” can be easily weighed too.  The operation is executed by coupling calibrated high accuracy certified manometers to the hydraulic circuits of the transporters / skidders, which weigh the heavy item / module jacking up it by their hydraulic rams stroke and reading the oil pressure on the high accuracy manometers (not the same embedded onto SPMT / SKID SHOES chassis). The values of pressure shall be converted in KN by a Fagioli software reporting the final weight. The final accuracy will be +/-2%