Working onto a slope terrain

Fagioli was contracted for a delicate job for the installation of Crank Schaft sections onto a Helicopter carrier Ship under construction in Southern Italy.

Main challenges was the installation of the sections under a ship positioned onto a launching slipway, which was inclined, in order to allow the execution of the operation. The crank shaft sections (three on one side and three on the opposite side), needed to be inserted into supports with a tolerance of max. 1 centimeter, whilst the connecting operation of the sections was due to be executed with a tolerance of tenth of a millimeter, in order to assembly of the joining nuts.

Fagioli positioned No. 4 couple of climbing jacks (500 ton capacity each) on top of No. 8 axle lines SPMTs, remotely controlled which were lifted and lowered , following the inclination in order to safely insert the crank shaft sections.

Sections weight was between 27 and 58 ton.