After the execution of a similar project in 2015, the installation of No. 10 pre-assembled floors of a new building in 2015 by means of strand jacking system, Fagioli India was involved in the installation of another office building following the same operational procedure.  

This was one of the most challenging civil works ever done in India for the lifting and locking of 10 Floor composite Slab sections complete with mechanical, electrical, interiors and facade works of 3 wings using Multiple combination of Strand Jacking System. Major equipment involved for this project was:

Strand Jacks – 100 / 180 ton Capacity

Weight of the sections were between 380 and 1270 ton (Single Lift).

This project was the first of its kind for Fagioli India where complex synchronized lifting arrangement with different capacity of jacks was involved. Fagioli expertise in handling strand jacking had once again proved that such a unique slab erection works can be done without any error, safeguarding all the norms, structural works and safety. Fagioli India was able to conclude all the floor slab lifts between November 2017 and late May 2018.


The importance of strand jack system in lifting of building concrete slabs are the followings.

-Safety: working at or close to ground level; reduced chance of falls and potential injury; reduced crane requirement.

-Quicker: men, equipment and materials do not have to get to and from a high level working place; the technique also allows several areas of construction to run concurrently; in this Job all the MEP, Facade and interiors were in place on ground before it lift, this allows multiple agency to work together and complete the work at initial stage.

-Improved Quality: all load bearing steel were Shop Fabricated which gives greater possibilities of improved quality and improved safety avoiding Site Fabrication works; workers likewise inspection will be more thorough and advanced.

-Time Factor: working at ground level increases productivity, reducing schedule time frame; multiple agency working at one time in one specific planned area; strand jacking system allows parallel working conditions without any hold; Crane handling work dependency is reduced.