Fagioli is proud to announce the arrival of a brand new electric truck.  This last purchase is in line with Fagioli  sustainability program, being committed to reducing the impact on the environment from its activities and to continually improve our environmental performance as part of the overall business strategy and operating methods. The fully electric vehicle is capable of handling loads up to a weight of 30 ton. The innovative value of this vehicle is remarkable because it manages to exceed the standard capacity limit of the electric vehicles and to respond to a request that has so far been unsatisfied: handling heavy loads on semitrailers without producing harmful emissions. This brand new electric truck performance demonstrates its perfect interchangeability with normal diesel engines: with a night-time recharge, the high-performance battery guarantees more autonomy than an average work shift (about 10 hours).

FAGIOLI recognizes the importance of protecting and caring for the environment and of its responsibility to achieve good environmental practice and operate in a sustainable manner.