It is a real pleasure to announce that Fagioli was awarded of No. 4 prizes during the  2022 ESTA ( European Association of abnormal road transport and mobile cranes) awards night held in Noordwijk aan Zee,  Holland.

Fagioli won in the following categories:

“INNOVATION” for the lifting verticalization and final installation of a 458 ton reactor.

“ LATTICE BOOM CRANE” for the removal of Berkan B wreck in Ravenna

“TRANSPORT OVER 120 TON” for the transport of a Gas Turbine from Genoa to Turbigo power plant.

“TRANSPORT UNDER 120 TON” for the transport of a 29 ton transformer to a power plant up to the mountains.

Congratulations to all Fagioli teams involved in these demanding projects and congratulations to our CEO Fabio Belli who was nominated as the new president of ESTA association!