Fagioli specializes in transport of oversize loads performed with special trailers called Spmt’s (Self Propelled Modular Transporters). These particular trailers are the solution for the haulage activity of loads (such as reactors, offshore platforms, turbines, modules, ships… which are becoming during these last years, heavier and heavier) in restricted areas or in challenging sites where standard transport equipment is not suitable. Fagioli owns last generation Spmt’s with capacity up to 60 tons per each axle line.

These special trailers (with the possibility to couple the modules) combine the flexibility of the hydraulic suspensions with the reliability of dedicated and powerful p.p.u. (power pack units) each able to move a 40 axle line convoy on any uneven and irregular ground. Fagioli owns 4 /5 and 6 axle lines modular transporters units, ready to be coupled for unimaginable heavy transports.

Heavy Haulage SPMTsFagioli Spmt’s operators have a long-standing experience and are trained to work these technologically advanced trailers able to be used under any weather or environmental conditions.

Fagioli is proprietary of one of the biggest SPMTs’ fleet in the world and is able, at the same time to provide a door-to-door service on a global basis, including the shipping of heavy loads, the transport (with Spmt’s or suitable equipment), the lifting and installation onto foundations.