rail wagons

Fagioli ITEF has wagons for special rail transport. 
This vast range of equipment consists of railcars (with capacity up to 500 ton) and with different axles up to 32 axle lines. There are lots of possible configurations that can be arranged with the help of auxiliary equipment such as Schnabel structures.

The Schnabel structure is a tailor made support-system that is used to displace the load of the heavy item. The structure is fixed with couplings to the heavy items and it supports the whole load. The Schnabel structure is used with different configurations either with "shoulders" or platforms. Due to the peculiar shape of the heavy items, a kind of tailor made "cage" is sometimes used. This "cage" system literally closes and supports the whole item.
Items without any lifting points are sometimes positioned onto saddles prepared and directly welded onto the railcars. 
In some cases a supporting "spit beam" is used for 16 and32 axle lines railcars.
Such an imposing fleet of wagons has been built and expanded over the years (railcars were first designed in 1969 by the engineering in-house department) with greatest attention to client's needs: the resulting gamma in vehicles can satisfy every need in rail transport being able to satisfy transport of heavy items such as steam turbines, generators, transformers.