Weighing system load cell

This unit has been built to operate by controlling up to 20 lines. The system is able to operate in Manual or Automatic mode. This weighing unit has a maximum lifting capacity up to 12,000 ton and a maximum rated weighing capacity of 12,000 ton. The power pack is designed around five electric motors 3-phase, 4-pole 400 V 50 Hz power of 11 kW each. The 1450 RPM engines provide oil to the lifting jacks through 20 individual sends. The hydraulic oil is supplied from the main jacks 5 pumps with four single sends for each pump. Each pump flow provides the flow rate and the oil pressure that is distributed and managed through appropriate distribution block with installed solenoid control valves. All directional controls, position, strength and  Sequence are managed by the panel and the computer installed in appropriate box placed in a control room adjacent to the unit. Load cells system range: 100 - 200 - 300 - 500 -600 tons. Operator can decide the most suitable load cell to be used for the lifting / weighing operation. The accuracy, considering maximum stroke and maximum load, is 0,5% +


When the controller is in manual mode, each operation is established and desired by the operator within the limits of the maximum calibration values. Each load cell is able to operate independently within the limits of the maximum calibration value.


In this mode all the cylinders of the pre-selected system preconfigured move / operate jointly. During the automatic cycle of operations it is possible to vary the operating tolerances between the various cylinders. This feature allows the system to adapt to the object-induced reactions / behaviours during the lifting/weighing operations.