Towerlift is an extremely heavy duty structural support system for use with Strand Jacks. It is specifically designed in modular form for ease of assembly, erection and world-wide transportation.
In its basic form it is assembled from only two members - legs and bracings. Bracings are connected to the legs by means of a single pin at each end. Two sets of connection points are provided on all legs so that the same members may be assembled in either three-leg triangular or four-leg square format towers.

The design philosophy is to provide a support structure which requires minimal external guying for reduced site disruption. Because of its unrivalled versatility as a temporary support structure Towerlift can be used in varying ways to produce the most economical lifting arrangement.

Examples of typical formats are:
- Paired towers with crosshead beams;
- Four-square towers with crosshead beams;
- Towers with tied cantilever beams;
- Independent luffed towers;
- Portalised luffed towers. 

The New Towerlift was developed to cope with today's increased lift weights. The new system includes the following features:
- 3,000 tonnes lift capacity using a four tower unguyed system to a height of 120m. Heights in excess of 120m are possible but the capacity will reduce. Likewise for short tower height the capacity will increase. 
- Self-erect capability. 
- Work and rest platforms at frequent intervals and caged ladders to comply with the latest health and safety requirements. 

The New Towerlift system has the same basic structure – legs and bracings – as the original system and can be used in identical arrangements but with increased capacity.