Fagioli Load Out Ballast System is composed by Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps with a maximum capacity of 600 m3/h.

These pumps have been designed in collaboration with Fagioli Engineering Department that have a great Experience in Load Out and Load in Operation, Planning and Design.

This Pump is ideal for pumping sea water with solids in suspension.

Actually Fagioli own more than 40 Pumps that can be used to arrange the most suitable Ballast System evaluated case by case on the base of the boundary conditions.

Fagioli takes into account the Tide Rage Variation, the criticality of the Operation, the dimensions of the Barge / H/L Ships, the weight and dimension of the item to be moved and the nominal capacity of the pumps.

Following all the above mentioned considerations,  we are sure to design and arrange a Ballasting System that allow to operate on the Barge / H/L SHIP in a Safe and cheaper condition.