Fagioli conceived a jack-up system to provide the possibility to perform hoisting operations of extra-heavy loads with capacity up to 25,000 ton. Fagioli patented Jack-up system is mainly composed of  Lifting jack assembly (jacks, strand, and fixed anchors); jacks support beams; lifting frame with moveable shear keys; Power Pack Unit linked to the control system; jack-up and standard columns supporting the items to be lifted; stroke encoders for the jacks run control; pressure transducers. The Lifting Frames are made of connected symmetrical items and Shear Keys, sliding above the frame. Each Shear-key operated by a couple of double–acting jacks, powered by a dedicated hydraulic system. The lift operation is carried out in steps. After each lift, the item is then released upon a set of columns .The subsequent columns are bolted through connection plates and bolts sets. At each load steps the reactions to the item and to the foundation settlement are checked by a remote computer system