This system is a mobile, self-propelled, variable height, hydraulic lifting frame with lifting capacity up to 800 ton. It is primarily controlled from a remote, self contained power module, that is positioned away from the gantries. The gantries are designed to be operated on track.
A side shift mechanism allows to transverse the load giving the system the capacity to move the load in the 3 directions.
There are 4 jacking units, supported on wheels having one vertical lift cylinder and a vertical lift boom mounted on top. These units are self-propelled. The cylinders and booms of these jacking units are extended or retracted to lift or lower the load. The jacking units can move longitudinally to transport loads horizontally
On the control panel of the module load sensors/gauges provide the total weight being carried by each jacking unit. An extended wire connected to a digital screen inform the operator about the height of each of the 4 jacking units