Fagioli was involved in the transport, installation and launching of a 494 ton assembled bridge on Panaro river in the North-Central Italy. Fagioli successfully executed the operation with the following equipment:


□   No. 8 x 6 axle lines  SPMTs      Capacity 36 t / axle line

□   No. 8 x 4 axle lines SPMTs       Capacity 36 t / axle line

□   No. 3 PPUs

□   Support Towers for the positioning of the bridge

□   No.1 telescopic crane no.2 aerial platforms

Dimension of the bridge was the following:

Length 81,5m ; Width 17,3m; High 13,5m ; Weight 493,5 ton

Due to the different slopes encountered during the transport route, Fagioli was compelled to use several support towers. 40 axle lines SPMTs were used to cover the first leg of the transport, then SPMTs provided with 4,3 m high tower supports were used to take the load at higher level in order to execute the final installation.