Technical Course
  • “If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves”

    Thomas Edison

    - Induction training
    It is essential that all new employees are accompanied by a tutor who will be responsible for introducing the general procedures, of our Company and the industry’s policies and will be a point of reference in the training process. The tutor will direct the new employees to their colleagues, who will provide them with the relevant information on the organization and will train them on the data processing systems and procedures and telecommunications systems and on the main safety standards.

    - Personal development plan
    New employees will be given a ad hoc training course based on their role and the career developments set for them. Their tutor will take them through this personal development course, setting the various valuation metrics.

    - In-depth technical courses for professional profiles
    For the operational roles there will be at least three levels of analysis of the knowledge of the technical principles and methods of operation and maintenance of the major equipment employed in the realization of our complex projects.
    In particular, level 0 for new employees, level 1 intermediate and 2 advanced.

    - In-depth technical courses for workshop engineers
    Principles of hydraulics, mechanics, welding, automotive engineering, mechatronics, with the participation of internal and external specialists.

    - "High training" courses for engineers and specialists in CAD
    In-depth analysis of oleo-dynamics, hydraulics, mechanics, technical drawing with the participation of qualified external lecturers from universities or institutes of technical certification and quality.