Flat jacks

Fagioli flat jacks are for sale. Please contact Used equipment department at “Used equipment for sale” page.

Flat Jacks are simple, practical devices for the civil or structural engineer wherever the application or control of large forces is required. They are most often used in the solution of unforeseen problems such as in remedial measures or structural alteration. They are also used in new constructions in which they form part of the structural concept. The flat jacks can be temporary or permanent.
Flat Jacks consist of a mild steel capsule, circular in plan, with a cross section that is initially dumb-bell shaped. The dished portions are fitted with machined steel thrust plates before the jack is placed between the surfaces to be jacked apart.
The jacks are fitted with two pipes – one inlet and one outlet. The inlet pipe is fitted with an isolator valve as standard and can also be fitted with a pressure gauge.
The outlet pipe is fitted with a plug and is normally only used to vent air from the system.

When the jack is inflated with a liquid the hydrostatic pressure is transmitted by the flat portions of the capsule through the thrust plates, while the toroidal rim of the jack deforms to allow the flat faces to move apart.


- Structural Pre-loading
- Levelling
- Pre-Stressing
- Bearing Replacement
- Lifting
- Underpinning
- Control of Settlement
- Weighing of Large Structures

- Known Forces
- Precise Control
- Low Height for Limited Access 
- Low Bearing Stresses 
- Out of Parallel Tolerance Between Jacking Surfaces